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Estate Planning

Live Beyond Yourself

Live Beyond Yourself

Creating an estate plan is a natural outcome of your lifetime accomplishments. You’ve worked hard and have acquired considerable assets over the years, such as your home, retirement benefits, savings, life insurance, shares in a business — and all of your prized possessions.

Without a plan in place to protect, preserve and transfer these assets to those close to you, things may not go as you had wished or expected, and the value of your estate could be significantly diminished due to estate settlement costs and taxes.

Why You Should Have an Estate Plan

It makes sense to create an estate plan now to set in motion the smooth transition of your assets should you die or become incapacitated.

Creating an estate plan can help you to:

• Preserve assets and distribute them in the way you choose
• Protect minor children
• Fulfill obligations to a child or sibling with special needs, or to elderly
parents to provide continuity of care
• Protect a spouse or partner from financial hardship
• Give children and/or grandchildren a financial foundation on which to build
• Ensure protection for yourself and family in times of sickness or
medical incapacity
• Leave a social legacy to your community through a charitable bequest

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